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Beanvest does everything you did manually for you, and even more:

Calculate your performance

Beanvest will automatically calculate the Time-weighted return of your investment, taking into account fees, currency conversions, dividends, ...

Track all your accounts in one place

If you have multiple brokerage accounts, Beanvest is the best way to keep track of everything in one place

Visualize your allocations

Beanvest displays charts to help you see your investments allocation by multiple criteria: asset class, currency, sector, industry, country, market cap, ...

Benchmark your portfolio

How well are you investing? Beanvest shows you a chart to compare your portfolio performance over time versus any other investment (for example your portfolio VS S&P 500)

Broker synchronization coming soon

Avoid reporting manually everytime you buy of sell stocks. Beanvest automatically synchronizes your transactions, calculates your PRU, ... so you have everything in sync.

... and more coming soon

By joining Beanvest you get a chance to give feedback on what you would need the most

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