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Yearly Performance

October 13, 2023 (1.0.34)

Yearly Performance is now displayed vs benchmark

Fundamental data charts, portfolios list

October 12, 2023 (1.0.33)

  • Fundamental data charts can display any data
  • Fundamental data charts display from 1 year history to 20+ years
  • Fundamental data charts can show quarterly or yearly data
  • Loader updated
  • Portfolios list show total value and total return
  • The application is displayed in a larger container
  • Fixed some issues with Degiro stock matching in some languages

CSV Import

September 17, 2023 (1.0.32)

Improved the CSV import to make it easier

  • Better field mapping for StockMarketEye
  • Some subfields can be ignored on import
  • Improved stock matching with symbol having a dot
  • Importing csv files in chunks to allow larger files

Free Trial & Upgrade

June 10, 2023 (1.0.31)

A few changes have been made for Trial accounts:

  • Credit card is no longer required to enable trial
  • Historical Performance before the current year is now only for Premium users
  • Upgrade modal have been improved

Portfolio Performance

May 27, 2023 (1.0.30)

A new tab has been added to better show historical portfolio performance:

Portfolio Performance

I also move the Benchmark selection to the Settings tabs. I now has some quick selection buttons for some of the most used benchmarks :

  • S&P 500
  • Nasdaq
  • MSCI World
  • Apple
  • Berkshire Hathaway

It is also still possible to add multiple benchmarks with "Custom" :

Benchmark Settings

Integration last update

February 1, 2023 (1.0.29)

Integration synchronization now shows the last update date

EPS beat/miss

September 22, 2022 (1.0.28)

EPS was showing Beat instead of Miss when earnings were negative

Custom Views

September 14, 2022 (1.0.27)

You can now create multiple views for your portfolio, which are shown in different tabs.

You can select which columns you want to display for each view, and now see more data than your performance.

You can for example display information such as ROE, ROCE, PE ratio, PEG, Analysts' estimate, Dividend Yield, etc... for all your holdings.

Custom Views

You can also now see open and closed positions only with a new filter!

Closed positions

Holdings groups

September 9, 2022 (1.0.26)

Holdings can now be grouped by Country, Industry, Sector, Currency, etc... in the portfolio overview

Group Holdings

Numbers format & news

September 5, 2022 (1.0.25)

Numbers formatting can be customized in Preferences

Numbers formatting

There is also a more compact view for news, and they can now be filtered by ticker

Market Cap, delisted stocks

August 25, 2022 (1.0.24)

  • Some stocks had a Market Capitalization not up to date
  • Delisted stocks now appear on Beanvest
  • Fixing issue on benchmark not displaying
  • Some assets had no price history
  • It is now possible to remove the benchmark
  • Users can opt-out from email communications

Degiro parsing, download transactions

August 24, 2022 (1.0.23)

  • You can now download all transactions for a portfolio
  • Fixed error when parsing Degiro stock prices in english with comma separator

Prices updates, asset pages

August 22, 2022 (1.0.22)

  • Prices are now updated every 15 minutes instead of every day for cryptos, TSX, Euronext and mutual funds
  • Fixed issues with some asset pages not displaying

CSV Import issues & fractional shares

August 18, 2022 (1.0.21)

  • A rounding error issue was fixed with fractional shares
  • CSV import automatic mapping has been improved for some fields
  • CSV import date selection issue has been fixed, and new date formats are now supported

New users welcome

August 5, 2022 (1.0.20)

New users are now Welcomed with a nice message :)

Somes minor bugs the asset page fundamental chart have been fixed.

Dividends, Fundamental charts and Insider transactions

August 2, 2022 (1.0.19)

More information has been added on asset pages.

You can now see by default fundamental data with charts that give a quick overview or revenue, free cash flows and net income :

Apple Fundamentals

Another tab now shows dividends history for stocks :

Apple Dividends

Last but not least, there is not an Insiders tab that shows the latest insiders transactions on the asset:

Apple Insiders

Analysts Rating has also been added with a target price :

Analysts Rating

DCF Calculator improvements

July 16, 2022 (1.0.18)

  • Menus are closed when hovering out
  • DCF calculator shows an error message when selecting any asset other than common stock
  • Number of years projected can be selected for DCF
  • Units shown can be selected for DCF

Coupon codes

July 14, 2022 (1.0.17)

Users can now add coupon codes when subscribing

July 11, 2022 (1.0.16)

  • Asset search display has been improved
  • Asset search has been improved when searching for a ticker
  • Login issue has been fixed here user could not login
  • Responsive version has been improved

Discounted Cash Flow calculator

May 31, 2022 (1.0.15)

A new tool is now available to easily calculate the fair value of a stock: the DCF Calculator.

You just need to select a stock, a growth scenario for cash flows, and see the calculation.

DCF Calculator

Improved dividends and return calculation

January 2, 2022 (1.0.14)

The way dividends are added is more intuitive (no quantity is shown) and the return calculation has been improved.

Before this update, Beanvest was only taking into accounts unrealized gains.

Now, it takes into account the following components in the return calculation (for each line as well as the total return of the portfolio):

  • Realized gains (from assets sold)
  • Unrealized gains
  • Dividends
  • Fees

These return calculation details are also shown in a tooltip:

Total gains

Earnings & EPS beat

December 30, 2021 (1.0.13)

You can now see an earnings chart for each stock, also showing if the company beats earnings estimates :

Salesforce EPS Beat

Improved Degiro transactions matching

December 16, 2021 (1.0.11)

  • Matching transactions from Degiro has been improved but taking into account more information (Isin, currency, ...)
  • Users can add comments on feedback when unsubscribing
  • All transactions are now properly deleted when deleting a portfolio
  • You can now subscribe to a Yearly Premium plan
  • Invoices are available in your account billing settings

November 26, 2021 (1.0.10)

The general navigation in the application has been improved, and asset pages are now live!

Here are the changes made:

  • You can search for assets (stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, ...) in the top search bar
  • You can easily switch from one portfolio to another from the navigation menu
  • Icons have been improved and should be more accurate
  • The layout for transactions is improved and displays more information such as fees and comments
  • You can add fees and comments when editing transactions
  • Portfolio settings are now in a dedicated tab
  • Light view when switching from the main tab in a portfolio
  • And last but not least, each asset has a dedicated page with an overview :

Asset page

  • Below, you can see the historical price for this asset, and all your related transactions :

Stock price history

Transaction date update

November 22, 2021 (1.0.9)

An issue was fixed causing the date to not be updated when editing transactions

Degiro synchronization

November 12, 2021 (1.0.8)

Integrations are now available for Premium users. This allows to connect your broker with Beanvest:

Brokers integrations

You can now connect your Degiro account and synchronize all your transactions automatically with any portfolio:

Degiro sync

Beanvest now offers the easiest Degiro portfolio tracker

Weekly performance report

October 20, 2021 (1.0.7)

You can now receive a weekly performance report by email for each portfolio.

Transaction edition

September 22, 2021 (1.0.6)

Transactions can now be edited.

Stocks news

August 5, 2021 (1.0.5)

A News tab is now available to your portfolio. News shown are related to your holdings.

Stocks news

Search asset by category

August 4, 2021 (1.0.4)

  • You can filter by asset category when adding transactions
  • Added some missings ETFs and cryptocurrencies

Filter assets by category

CSV Import

August 4, 2021 (1.0.3)

  • Import transactions with .csv file
  • Improve transactions

Transactions csv importTransactions csv import

New chart style

July 29, 2021 (1.0.2)

  • Improve the style and readability of portfolio benchmark charts

Stocks portfolio benchmark

Improved tables

July 26, 2021 (1.0.1)

  • Daily gains are now displayed in the stocks overview table
  • All tables can be sorted by any column name

Stocks table

Beanvest = ❤️

July 4, 2021 (1.0.0)

Stonkspace has a new identity and has been renamed to Beanvest !

You can read more about the annoucement here.

  • New website, new logo, new everything
  • Application has been entirely restyled
  • Premium plan

Allocation charts

June 15, 2021 (Beta 0.1.3)

New allocations charts have been added.

You can see your allocations percentage by:

  1. Holdings
  2. Currencies
  3. Asset classes
  4. Countries
  5. Market cap
  6. Industries
  7. Sectors


More allocation charts will probably be added later.

Portfolio performance benchmark

November 7, 2020 (Beta 0.1.2)

Your stock portfolios now have multiple tabs, and you can now see the historical performance of your stocks portfolio.

Performance chart

The way it works it that you can define a benchmark index. It can be an index such as SPY, or any combination of stocks or ETFs (for example 80% SPY + 15% VWCE + 5% TSLA)

Each time you buy new securities in your portfolio, it will simulate how your portfolio would have evolved if you invested the same amount in your benchmark index instead.

The 3 charts represent :

  1. Your stocks portfolio total value
  2. You benchmark total value
  3. The total amount invested in your portfolio

New data source

October 14, 2020 (Beta 0.1.1)

I am now using a new data source that supports more stock markets. For example LSE, XETRA or Asian markets were missing.

You can now find more than 70k+ stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, commodities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, ...

  • New date source with 70 000 stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, commodities, cryptocurrencies and bonds
  • All prices are updated daily
  • Currency conversion : you can set a base currency in you account settings and everything is converted automatically
  • List of transactions
  • Fix Stocks performance calculation issues
  • Fix Better responsive display
  • Fix Date picker now allows to select date before the current year, and not after today

Beta version is live 🎉

October 12, 2020 (Beta 0.1.0)

This is the first version is live. Here's a list of the features available:

  • Create multiple stocks portfolios
  • Add or delete transactions
  • See a pie chart of your current holdings & total value
  • Duplicate a portfolio with all transactions (this is useful if you want to test a variation of your portfolio, to test how it would look if you bought a certain stock)
  • See the current value and profit for each stock you hold. This is updated in real time with current stock values.

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