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New brand

I have been building the software for some time to help me manage my stocks portfolio. However, I decided to rebrand it as Beanvest.

Beanvest logo

Previously called Stonkspace, this new name will be taken more seriouly without the word "stonk".


Here is an overview of the features currently available on Beanvest:

Pie chart of holdings

Beanvest displays a pie chart of your holdings. This way you can see the allocation percentage of each of your stock.


History of transactions

Beanvest shows an history of your current holdings.

It automatically calculates your PRU, and converts all prices to your preferred currency. You have stocks in USD, EUR and YEN? No problem, eveything is converted with the rate of the day!

Your profit is also calculated automatically with prices being updated every 5 minutes (or daily for some exchanges)



Beanvest shows different charts if allocation percentages.

Portfolio allocation

Currently, the following charts are available :

  1. Currencies
  2. Asset classes
  3. Countries
  4. Market cap
  5. Industries
  6. Sectors

More allocations will be added later (for example Peter Lynch allocation)

Historical performance benchmark

This is a key feature that is very hard to do manually. Beanvest automatically benchmark your portfolio against any index.

The way it works it that you can define a benchmark index. It can be an index such as SPY, or any combination of stocks or ETFs (for example 80% SPY + 15% VWCE + 5% TSLA)

Portfolio benchmark

Each time you buy new securities in your portfolio, it will simulate how your portfolio would have evolved if you invested the same amount in your benchmark index insted.

The 3 charts represent :

  • You portfolio total value
  • You benchmark total value
  • The amount invested in your portfolio

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