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Tired of using Sharesight? Find out why Beanvest might be the best Sharesight alternative to track your investment portfolio.
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The Features You Love - with a clean interface

Beanvest has all the features you might want if you switch from Sharesight, but with a cleaner interface to track your portfolio performance. You can easily benchmark your performance with an index, such as the S&P 500, or even multiple blended indexes.
Stock portfolio tracker

Follow the companies in your portfolio

While Sharesight is an investment portfolio tracker, Beanvest offers many more features on top of that. You will be able to see fundamental data on 250k+ assets including stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs or mutual funds including fundamental earnings charts, key ratios, news, EPS trends with EPS beats, etc...
Fundamental data on stocks

More tools for Value Investing

If you like to use Sharesight for tracking your stock portfolio, you will love the additional tools provided by Beanvest. For example, the Discounted Cash Flow calculator a great tool to calculate the fair value of stocks. And it's even available in the free plan!
DCF Calculator
and last but not least

Beanvest is a cheaper Sharesight alternative

Even the more expensive plan on Sharesight is limited to 10 portfolios, while Beanvest allows you to track 3x more portfolios for 3x cheaper.
Feature Included
Portfolios 30
Holdings Unlimited
Free Trial 14 days
Portfolio Benchmark Yes
Fundamental data on 250k+ assets Yes
DCF Calculator Yes
Feature Included
Portfolios 10
Holdings Unlimited
Free Trial 7 days
Portfolio Benchmark Yes
Fundamental data on 250k+ assets No
DCF Calculator No

Sharesight vs Beanvest

Which one is the best portfolio tracker?

While Sharesight has many features to track your stock portfolio such as dividend tracking or tax reporting, Beanvest offers more tools for investors such as companies pages or a DCF calculator.

Beanvest is also a cheaper alternative to Sharesight as you can monitor 3x more portfolios for 3x cheaper. You should make you own mind and create an account below to see if you prefer Beanvest over Sharesight.

How to migrate from Sharesight to Beanvest?

It only takes a few minutes to import your investment portfolio from Sharesight to Beanvest. Just follow this guide to migrate from Sharesight to Beanvest.

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