Here are some of the things that will be added in future versions

  • Allocation charts

    Show portfolio allocations by holding, currency, country, industry, etc...

  • CSV Import

    Be able to import transactions via csv

  • Degiro synchronization

    Connect a Degiro account and automatically synchronize transactions

  • Asset pages

    Show a page for each asset, be able to search stocks, ...

  • Discounted Cash Flow calculator

    Calculate Discountthe fair value of stocks using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

  • Dividends

    Dividend calendar and automatically add transactions for user when dividend are paid

  • Better performance calculation

    Calculate performance using annualized Time-Weighted return / IRR

  • Broker synchronizations

    Support more broker synchronizations via Plaid

  • Export transactions

    Be able to export all transactions from the account

  • Watchlist

    Have a watchlist of stocks and assets

  • Custom asset

    Be able to create custom asset and add them in portfolio (usefull to have startup, real estate, etc...)

  • Tax reporting

    Features to help with tax reporting

  • Peter Lynch allocation

    Show portfolio's Peter Lynch allocation

  • Stock Screener

    Search stocks and find good value stocks

  • Social features

    Share your portfolio, chats and comments, public feed, ...

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