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stock portfolio tracker

Track more than 250,000 assets including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and cryptocurrencies

Stop using spreadsheets to keep track of your investments. Beanvest is a stock portfolio tracker that does everything you did manually for you, and even more:

Measure your portfolio performance

Beanvest will automatically calculate the return of your investments, taking into account most of the things that are really difficult to do in a spreadsheet: brokerage fees, currency conversions and fluctuations, dividends, ...

Benchmark your portfolio

Beanvest shows you performance charts to compare your portfolio performance over time versus any other investment (for example your portfolio VS S&P 500). This is the kind of thing you cannot do manully with spreadsheets.

Visualize your allocations

Beanvest displays charts to help you see your investments allocations by multiple criterias: asset classes, currencies, sectors, industries, countries, market caps, ...

Track all your accounts in one place

If you have multiple brokerage accounts, Beanvest is the best way to keep track of of all your investments includings stocks, ETFS and more in one place.

Broker synchronization

Avoid reporting manually every time you buy or sell stocks. Beanvest automatically synchronizes your transactions with Degiro, Interactive brokers, and other brokers...

... and more coming soon

By joining Beanvest now you get a chance to give feedback and ask features you would need the most!

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Beanvest stocks portfolio tracker

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A fabulous app

I've been using Sharesight to keep track of my portfolio, and a few other portfolio tools, but recently thought I'd give Beanvest a try, and I'm blown away. Yes, it isn't yet as mature as Sharesight, which is understandable as it is a new tool, but it is heading in the right direction at warp speed. I've paid $200 a year for Sharesight and I'm looking forward to cancelling that and committing 100% to Beanvest.


Cool portfolio tracker!

Beanvest is a great way to track my portfolios! It has a beautiful and clean UI without all the unnecessary clutter and it's easy to use. Check out Beanvest because it's a nice little tool which makes it very easy to get an overview of your portfolios (performance and allocation) and benchmarking the performances against other indexes! The support was very fast and friendly to answer my question! Great buy!


Like the software

I was using StockSpy to track my stocks on a Mac, but on an update the application crashed and I lost all my tracking. Beanvest runs online, so this is a perfect platform for tracking my portfolio. No more worries about crashes and software updates.
I like how I will be able to see my portfolio against the TSX composite, or other benchmarks.
I bought it today and quickly set up my portfolio. Good deal, I'm happy with it.


Really Good

Impressed with the amount of data available, how easy it is to use, the available functionality and the frequent updates released by the developer.

The ability to customize the holdings data on the main page is excellent, as is its support for a large number of exchanges from different countries.


Portfolio tracker that I finally found!

Great tool, very clean and simple to use. Looking forward to seeing this grow. Also have to mention Romain. I had some trouble importing CSV, and he quickly jumped to help and sort things out. I can now finally track my portfolio in a beautiful interface.


Great software

This is what I have been needing for some time and I am delighted to have found it. It is ideal in that it is powerful and yet straightforward to use.
The roadmap is great. Overall I am very happy that I purchased this.


Time will tell...

I do like the clean UI, and the basic charts that go along each stock. From what I understand, you can have unlimited stocks in your portfolio and the stock information seems to be current market values.
If you want to really drill down on your portfolio, give Beanvest a try.


Easy to update portfolio & track portfolio

Finally a portfolio tracker that allows me to easily synchronize my portfolio at a fair price point. At the moment I don't want to anything more advanced than some basic tracking in Excel and have some integrated benchmarking.

Become a better investor

Beanvest will help you keep track of your investments portfolios and have a better understanding of your performance.

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Measure your Portfolio Performance

Are you doing better than the S&P 500?

Compare your portfolio performance with any index. Beanvest can simulate an investment in the S&P 500 each time you buy or sell stocks in your portfolio to help you know how you perform.

Beanvest stocks portfolio tracker

Visualize your portfolio allocations

Are you overexposed to some industries or countries?

Monitor your allocations with allocation charts by currencies, asset classes, or industries. You can also spot foreign currency exchange risks easily.

Beanvest portfolio allocations

Fundamental data on 250k+ securities

Stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and cryptocurrencies

Revenue, Free Cash Flow and Net Income charts, Earnings with EPS beats compared to analysts' expectations, dividends history, insiders' purchase... You will find all the data your need on 250k+ securities.

Beanvest stocks portfolio tracker

And many more tools for Value Investing

Are your investing in the right stocks at the right valuation?

You will find many more tools to become a better investor, such as the Discounted Cash Flow calculator.

Beanvest asset page

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