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Stop using spreadsheets to keep track of your investments

Beanvest does everything you did manually for you, and even more:

Calculate your performance

Beanvest will automatically calculate the return of your investments, taking into account most of the things that are really difficult to do in a spreadsheet: brokerage fees, currency conversions and fluctuations, dividends, ...

Benchmark your portfolio

Beanvest shows you performance charts to compare your portfolio performance over time versus any other investment (for example your portfolio VS S&P 500). This is the kind of thing you cannot do manully with spreadsheets.

Visualize your allocations

Beanvest displays charts to help you see your investments allocations by multiple criterias: asset classes, currencies, sectors, industries, countries, market caps, ...

Track all your accounts in one place

If you have multiple brokerage accounts, Beanvest is the best way to keep track of everything in one place.

Broker synchronization

Avoid reporting manually every time you buy or sell stocks. Beanvest automatically synchronizes your transactions with Degiro, Interactive brokers, and other brokers...

... and more coming soon

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Beanvest stocks portfolio tracker

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Beanvest will help you keep track of your investments portfolios and have a better understanding of your performance. You can start with our 100% free portfolio tracker today.

Are you doing better than the S&P 500?

Compare your portfolio performance with any index. Beanvest can simulate an investment in the S&P 500 each time you buy or sell stocks in your portfolio to help you know how you perform.

Beanvest stocks portfolio tracker

Are you overexposed to some industries or countries?

Monitor your allocations with allocation charts by currencies, asset classes, or industries. You can also spot foreign currency exchange risks easily.

Beanvest stocks portfolio tracker

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